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Custom Index Tabs for Medical and Patient Chart Dividers, Legal Needs and Office Filing

Here at Online Index Tabs, we keep things simple and easy. We specialize in three variations of index dividers. Just choose which variety suits you best, and we will walk you through the steps to check out.

Create Your Own Patient Index Tab Dividers

Create your own Patient Chart Dividers

Self-adhesive, laminated index tabs help you organize information in patient files with color-coded edges for fast identification. Just choose which classifications you need and attach the pressure-sensitive tabs to the pre-printed position marks on our Chart Divider Sheets.

Custom Index Tabs

Custom Printed Index Tabs and Dividers

Custom Printed Index Tabs and Dividers provide a diversion for the common filing procedures and allows for a level of control in your indexing tabs.

Medical Index Tabs

Medical Index Tab Chart Dividers

Medical Index Tab Chart Dividers. Medical index tabs are ready to us with over 50 selected titles printed directly on the divider. They are available in 16 standard colors.

For file folders or more products visit legal index tabs call for more info 1-888-33INDEX.

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