Index tabs tend be an afterthought, but they are integral to the look, feel, and setup of your binder, filing folder, and filing system. Index tabs organize information for easy access, which means that they need careful consideration. For custom tabs that meet the needs of your business, look no further than for materials and print options that make your presentations have pizazz!

Custom Index Tabs

Custom index tabs are the perfect complement to your custom binders. You can choose from different materials, styles, colors, sizes, and printing methods to design tabs that are functional and stylish. Do you need legal, half, and letter size documents? Let us help you meet your needs. You can not only pick the size of the paper, but also the number of tabs per set and the titles that you want printed on them. Consider using text or a graphic on the entire sheet of the tab to give clients additional information or to catch their attention with a unique design.


Here at, we use the best materials in the business. Standard index tabs (90-pound paper tabs) are a staple in our supply. We cover them in mylar in your choice of many colors and lengths with text options that include different styles. You can go green with eco-friendly recycled paper tabs you can dress up with digital or screen printing.

We also offer manila or white folders, both in the 300 series or 400 series. For medical patient charts, we also offer side tabs or bottom tabs for your folders. Customize for better ease of use and organization.

Online Index Tabs can produce your custom index tabs, dividers, and folders to give your project total coordination. No need to do it yourself. Call us today for a quote or custom order!

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