Whether you need manuals or bound handouts for a meeting, custom binder dividers or index tabs will make your life a whole lot easier. Document organization is something most people take for granted, but if you really think about it, making sure your materials are sorted correctly and that your users can easily navigate their materials will determine the effectiveness of your book, manual or whatever it is that you are printing.

Online Index Tabs specializes in custom index tabs. We’ve found the most economical and efficient way to create dividers and tabbed items is with our index tab machine. Machine tabbing can typically handle large run or small run projects at a better cost for the customer.

We know that cleanly-cut and organized tabs are essential to many print projects. Below are three different divider configurations to consider for your training manual, book, or your conference meeting notes.

Standard Configuration

All your tabs are a standard size, evenly spaced and in a row.

standard configuration


Overlapping Tab Configuration

This is similar to standard configuration tabbing in that all the tabs are the same size, but they evenly overlap in a row.

overlapping tab configuration

Shingle tab configuration

This is where your tabs overlap and increase in size from the front tab to the back tab.

shingle tab configuration

Online Index Tabs works to print your custom needs. Whether it’s for your small business or for a printed manual, we can meet your custom index tab needs. We have been in business for almost 10 years and have serviced your customized office needs.

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